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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the real fight is still to come. >> of the joint resolution is passed. >> with that, a big sigh of relief by government workers worried about a government shutdown. >> i would hope that we would vote against this resolution because it is only two weeks. >> keep the government operating. >> it now heads to the senate. it, $4 billion in spending cuts. but the gop says it is only part of a promise to cut $60 billion by the end of the fiscal year. >> if the american families can do with less, if there is no reason why the government cannot do with less. >> senate democrats are strongly against. >> the president is committed to making tough choices on spending.
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he is equally committed to not going down a road that does harm to the economy. >> if the senate agrees to this two-week extension, it only buys than another two weeks to agree on the entire budget. that is bound to be a much nastier battle. >> thank you very much. if the government were to shut down, the d.c. government would be affected. congress controls the government's purse strings. the city cannot spend any money unless congress approves it. al lewis is trying to figure out what city operations would likely continue to be funding runs out on friday. and now to the crisis on libya. the u.n. general assembly voted
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to suspend libya from its human- rights council. the government has committed systematic violations on human rights. the violence continues. on capitol hill, secretary of state clinton warned that libya is that risk before falling into a protracted civil war. >> it could become a peaceful democracy or it could face a protracted civil war where descent into chaos. >> the administration has not discussed military intervention, but has repeatedly warned that all options are on the table. the unrest in libya is causing gasoline -- gasoline prices to soar. gasoline has reached $3.38. that is up more than 19 cents. it could affect the nation's economic recovery, of course ben
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bernanke spoke to the banking committee and he predicted that the economy will rebound. >> not increasing the debt limit is like saying, we will solve our family's financial problems by refusing to pay or credit card bills. these are bills that have already been approved. this is money that we have already borrowed. >> it could be several years before the unemployment rate returns to what we would call a normal level. truckers rallied to protest a plan to increase prices on gasoline. drivers gathered at the state house. they do not want a 10 cent increase on the gas tax. some maryland business owners are worried that truckers will get their gas from other states. federal officials are
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banning the sale of profits that are used to make a spice. the state dropped its illegal -- the fake drug is illegal, no matter how it is produced. >> there are several stores a year in adams morgan that carry the so-called fake pots. one of those is a this newsstand. the manager told me at 8:30 this morning, they were pulling it off the shelves. spice looks like tobacco. these are actual herbs sprayed with chemicals. packaged and sold, it was legal to buy until today. >> many of the stores in this city have continued to sell. >> decoders to get off the shelves in december when the drug enforcement agency first announced it would ban these chemicals. the effects are being studied.
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it continues to be popular on many college campuses. >> it is interesting that it was banned. >> it is pretty new, so they have not done a lot of testing on it. for now, i have no problem with the banning it. >> it is good for the economy. but there is something -- if there was something seriously wrong with it, it would have happened by now. >> as of this week, some shipments were kicked out of the naval academy for possessing it.
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marion barry has had his share of legal problems over the years. his latest run with a lot? his car has been booted. he had nine outstanding parking tickets. totaling more than $700. he paid the fines on six of the tickets today. metro's escalator's continue to break down trade yesterday morning, an escalator at the dupont circle station jolted to a halt. yesterday evening, at the same station, a difference escalator. this comes on the heels of last year's incident at l'enfant plaza. metro says repairs are being made. coming up, we all want to get paid.
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under one proposal, but while some workers could all the district's money. >> newt gingrich has his sights on the white house. >> what is it your home that is made in america? we visit a local company that is fully embracing that model. >> big changes to temperatures.
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thankfully, there's still one place that gets it right.
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the government has approved a permit for a deep water drill. that accident killed 11 people and spilled millions of gas -- millions of gallons of oil into the ocean. the ban was lifted last october. a new bill would slap a commuter tax cuts for people to work in the city, but lived outside the district. this bill would apply to all the new workers and it would give nonresident employees the option to pay taxes. some employers could demand that workers pay the fee as a condition of their employment. newt gingrich may be close
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to announcing his bid for the president. there was speculation that the former speaker of the house would make a big announcement this thursday. he would be the first republican to toss his hat into the ranks. the 67-year-old would likely be criticized for his problematic carrier in congress. -- career in congress. course stuart is still not sure whether he will run for the u.s. senate next year. he has decided to seek another term as board chairman. he made that official today. he is a republican and and if he decides to run -- next, will local company in the national spotlight as abc 7 news is talking made in america.
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>> a call starts for the month of march. >> the caps are ready to showcase their up tonight against the islanders. mike shanahan is trimming the roster and rebuilding his team.
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have you checked to see if anything in your home was made in america? >> this is b.s. of made in america. -- this is the sound of made in america. is much of one family's home actually made here? >> i would like to say that we buy more american. >> in the 1950's, that was probably true. checking in this house item after item, not made in the u.s.
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a table will soon be moving in, built by rick kidwell. >> i think people need to buy american. >> what made in america really means is made by american workers. this facility employs more than 100. >> our kids go to local schools here. did build a community that is pretty special. >> he has been running the business for 15 years. his workers will build 20,000 pieces of furniture this year. >> it is an upside of regaining made in america.
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>> an effort being done by hand or one piece at a time, made in the west virginia and coming to you on world news tonight. >> quality material. >> nice day today. >> that is what march is all about. >> hard to keep track. >> let's get you started. take a look outside. the days are getting a little bit longer. daylight savings begins two weeks from yesterday. march 30. nice and clear out there right now 44 degrees in capitol heights right now. the morning low was right on the button at 33 degrees.
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at this however, we are dropping into the upper 30's. clear skies, dry air, light winds. that is still seasonable for early this month of march. current temperatures range through the 30's. the cold air is coming across the northern plains. we will get a taste of that tomorrow night and thursday. high pressure will give us sunshine and upper 50's. behind the front on thursday, we will have highs in the lower 40's. 30 degrees. 57 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. we will continue this trend of up and down when there. -- weather. a pretty good chance we will see
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rain here on sunday. if you are away from your television, click on the toyota sports desk. moving you forward. more redskins by the dust. >> this is incredible. they are rebuilding the entire team. yesterday, it was clinton portis. carter is the consummate pro. he works hard. for most of the career, he was productive. the best of his career was 2009. carter never seem to get comfortable and seemed much less aggressive. mike shanahan told him that he is not a good fit.
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the clock continues to tick toward an nfl lockout. the two sides harbor very strong differences on all the core issues. the new york giants owner -- the first owner to do so. bruce allen was also there. there is a sense of urgency now. this marks the eighth day of federal mediation. it still looks as a work stoppage is coming. the capsule play five of the last seven games at home starting tonight against the new york islanders. this'll be our first chance to see the rebuilt capital. >> i do not think you have to talk to them about efforts. they want to make a good
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impression, more than anything. hopefully, they get it. there is not a big transition and. >> for basketball, md. is traveling to miami as we speak. it is no secret. i believe that merrill lynch is still alive, but they are on life support. -- i believe that merrill lynch is still alive, but they are all my support. virginia tech is playing boston college tonight. everybody is still talking about their win over duke saturday night. they played great. now they have to do is take care of business and they will be in the tournament. but they cannot afford a duke hangover. the washington nationals are 2- 0. the newest superstar is under a
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powerful microscope. when he entered the ball game in the fifth inning, he was a pinch-hitter. then he did this. to national's beat the mets a 5-3. the wizards or reached a buyout agreement yesterday. he will give miami's some good point guard play. how did that worked out beforehand? -- opt for him? >> do you think the fans understand what is going on? >> no. i do not think people are paying attention. both parties are focused on social security. >> the options for making social security less expensive are potentially toxic for politicians. the constituents do not want to see the retirement age of race or their taxes increase.
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neither republicans nor democrats are eager to dive into these changes and anger their bases. these changes and anger their bases. [ male announcer ] new inventory.
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our drug companies paying local doctors big money to push their drugs? we have the details on how you can find out for yourself.
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our investigation tonight at 11:00. do you want to check how many sick days you have? did you work for the federal government, there is now an app for that. it is offered on iphone, blackberry. good news. give us a nice weather and we will not get sick. >> tomorrow will be a nice day. a cold front through tomorrow night will change all that. back to 50 on friday with an evening shower. by sunday, in a storm system could bring periods of rain throughout the day. no major storms, no snow or ice.
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>> abc world news is coming up next.
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